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About Ebike Tours & Rentals

We are a small family owned E-Bike Private Tour & Rental company. After moving to Manitou Springs, we purchased our first E-Bike for a fun way to explore the beauty of what this town and surrounding area has to offer. We let our friends and family ride the bike and saw how great of an experience it was for everyone. Then, we decided to create E-Bike Tours & Rentals to share that same experience with the visitors and locals of Manitou Springs!

Rent our best in class E-Bikes for a predetermined amount of time, or join us for a private guided tour of the Garden of the Gods. Our E-Bikes are easy to ride and provide a unique way to experience to beauty of Manitou Springs and its surrounding area. We are all about helping you enjoy Colorado and the Great Outdoors outside on an E-Bike.

“Our promise is that the E-Bike Rental or Tour will be your favorite part of the vacation! “