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If you love being outdoors but have not ridden a bicycle for many years, now is the time for you to experience an E-bike from Ebikestoursandrentals.com located in Manitou Springs, just six miles west of Colorado Springs. E-bikes, Colorado Springs has an excellent inventory of power-assist bikes for you to get your legs back! E-bikes are a little heavier than regular bicycles and are capable of going a little faster than you may be used to going. The motor turns on when you pedal and will help you up an incline that would otherwise be a bit of a task for you.

You can rent an E-bike for 2 hours @ a cost of $69.00 or for 4 hours @ a cost of $115.00. If you would like to try the tour of the Garden of the Gods in a Pedicab, it is a 40-minute guided tour for $60.00 for 2 people. Electric bike rental, Colorado Springs will provide helmets and guidance in the use of the E-Bike.

Once you have experienced the exhilaration of an E-bike, you may feel you are interested in purchasing one. For $25.00, you can take a 1 hour test ride (RAD Power-Bikes ONLY). You are allowed to ride on the following roads in Manitou Springs: Manitou Ave., El Paso Blvd., Ruxton Ave., Beckers Lane, Canon Ave., Garden of the Gods Park and Park Avenue.

E-Bike Tours & Rental suggests it would be a good idea for you to bring water, a backpack for snacks, sunscreen, etc., and a phone for your adventure on an E-bike.

Garden of the Gods E-Bike Rental

Are you ready to experience The Garden of the Gods on an E-Bike

without a tour-guide? Don’t worry, we’ll escort you to the Garden

and make sure you’re comfortable on the bike first. You will be

provided a helmet. We require that you practice safe riding and

adhere to signage in the Garden dictating where you can and

cannot ride bikes. Minimum age to ride is 14 years old.

See our FAQ page for more information or any

other questions you may have.

First Rental: 8:00 AM

Last Rental: 4:00PM

(Hours change seasonally)

2 Hours: $69/person

4 Hours: $120/person

Meet at: 306 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Permissible Roads:

  • Manitou Avenue
  • El Paso Blvd
  • Ruxton Avenue
  • Beckers Lane
  • Lover’s Lane
  • Canon Avenue
  • Garden of the God’s Road and Park
  • Park Avenue
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2 and 4 Hour E-Bike Rentals

Enjoy riding an E-Bike unaccompanied by a guide through Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. Includes instructions on how to use the e-bike and escort to the Garden.

Starts at $69/person for 2 Hours

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E-Bike Rentals

We provide 2 and 4 hour standard E-Bike rentals which include brief instructions on how to operate the ebike, as well as an escort to the Garden of the Gods.

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E-Bike rentals start at $69/person

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E-Bike Lesson & Test Ride

For folks Interested in E-bikes, but uncomfortable as they have not yet ridden an E-bike.

Overall instructions & Knowledge of an E-bike, and simple to learn guiding to ensure a safe experience. Then a tour to Garden of the God’s to use what your learnt.

Starts At $69/Person

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Garden of the Gods Guided E-Bike Tour

2 hour private guided E-Bike tour through the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. Limited availability.

Starts at $105/person


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